Case Study Data Quality

€750,000 saved by validating and cleansing marketing data

With poor quality customer data, a publishing house with €17 million in annual earnings was having trouble successfully executing their direct marketing campaigns. Some marketing materials sent via mail went undelivered, while others were delivered more than once to a single address. As the list of issues continued to grow, the company was wasting time, resources and money.

The company successfully utilized a data quality solution to check all mailing addresses, rectify incorrect ones, verify other customer data, find duplicate entries in the customer database, and enrich customer information from external databases. The solution improved the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, leading to savings of more than 750,000 euros and a 12% increase in orders. 

  • 12% increase in orders and €750,000 saved with better marketing deliveries
  • All data was validated and corrected with a CloverETL solution
  • Data audit detected hidden problems and duplicates
  • Duplicate and multiple entries were automatically removed, reducing data volume by 15%
  • Continuous monitoring of the data quality through overall data accuracy scoring