Case Study Automated data migration

Automated Analysis and Data Mapping for Complicated Migrations

To successfully deliver a complex data migration within a tight two-month schedule, a multinational software company turned to CloverETL for an automated data mapping framework.

Our client faced a difficult deadline as it began to migrate thousands of critical manufacturing formulas from a legacy manufacturing management system into a new management platform. Even with plentiful resources in the company’s development team, they realized it would not be possible for them to scale their efforts fast or effectively enough. To adequately manage the continuous changes to the data and its structure and deliver the project on time, CloverETL designed an automated solution.

  • We developed a data analyzer and an automated mapping framework that automatically detects changes to XML elements and attributes
  • Allows the company to migrate a highly complex, repeatedly changing structure of XML data into a pre-defined database structure
  • XML structures changed 7 times during the project
  • Successful processing of 200K XML files generically