Case Study Identity Management/Internal Systems Audit

Lloyds Banking Group Feeds Data Into Identity Management Platform

In a highly regulated environment, audit and security oversight of internal systems is critical. Lloyds Banking Group chose CloverETL for the daunting task of collecting and standardizing user access and permissions data from thousands of disparate systems, a project that supports 88,000 staff members globally.

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) uses Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) to track and monitor user access permissions. Connecting more than 6,000 different systems with OIM—notoriously strict about the data structures it ingests—has become a large-scale data integration challenge calling for automation of data conversions as well as management and monitoring of regular updates. LBG’s IT security team needed data integration software that was a good fit for both their technical team (who would build configurable transformation jobs) and their user access verification team (who would then manage the process). 

With a data transformation framework built on CloverETL, OIM can now access and ingest different systems’ data in a compatible format.

  • CloverETL's flexibility allows the tech team to build, tweak, and augment configurable, repeatable templates quickly
  • CloverETL is user-friendly for a range of skillsets and fits seamlessly into the existing LBG support structure
  • LBG leverages CloverETL’s own consultants expertise to save time, support their business team, and better allocate their resources