Date:       26 July 2017 
Time       Start time 10:00 a.m  (BST) - duration with Q&A 30 minutes
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Customers around the world are embracing the CloverETL platform to eliminate clumsy hand-coded scripts and legacy data management solutions. Learn how to leverage CloverETL to simplify and automate data integration within your enterprise.

In our 20 minute high-level overview, discover how to efficiently develop, orchestrate and automate data transformations, from file-to-database loads to automating complex data movement between databases, files and Web Service APIs. See real-life examples of how some of our customers deploy CloverETL for reporting, migration, warehousing and BI and how your organisation could too. 

Finally, we end with a live Q&A session, offering advice on your challenges and how to deliver your use case using CloverETL.

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