CloverETL Community Edition

CloverETL Community is a great way to start. It's a free, open source data integration tool taking
its DNA from the full commercial CloverETL Designer. It's yours to keep!

Take a moment to compare Community with the Full version:

  Community Full Version
Total components available
Shows how many "building blocks" you have available, including all sorts of readers, writers, sorters, dedup, aggregate, etc.
20 (approx.) 130 (approx.)
Max. components per transformation
Limit on complexity of a single transformation. Simple source-to-target migration with some logic might take 5 to 15 components, while big ones can grow to couple dozens.
20 unlimited
Workflows / job orchestration
Ability to create high-level orchestration flows on the Server (e.g. execute first transformation, send an email if that fails or continue to second one or other operations, etc.)
File operations
File copy/move/rename operations as part of data transformations and orchestration workflows.
Data Quality tools
Easy to use Validator lets you create business rules to filter data and report faults. Data Profiler is an additional utility to see into unknown data sets quickly.
Unrestricted database drivers
Community comes with a limited built-in set of supported databases (including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle). Full version allows you to use your own DB driver.
Advanced connectors (Salesforce, ...)
Some time-saving connectors are only available in the full version.

If you're evaluating CloverETL, we recommend Full version Trial

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CloverETL Community

Community System Requirements:

  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • 512 MB RAM minimum
  • 2 GB free disk space

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