Case Study Data integration automation

Data integration automation recoups 6 man-days of manual work per month

To replace expensive manual data processing of monthly phone call statements, a company implemented an automated data integration solution. The solution offers transparent monitoring of company-wide call patterns and rates, enabling better decision-making and reducing phone bill expenditures by 37%.

For a subsidiary of an international company, phone invoices were sent from providers in three incompatible formats, making electronic merging and processing impossible. To analyze them, values had to be manually entered into spreadsheets and updated every few months. The company was spending 6 man-days per month on the process. Furthermore, the total phone bill cost was growing by 24% per year, but it was difficult to effectively monitor and evaluate why. The company sought a solution that could automate this process and allow for better transparency of company-wide phone activity overall. 

  • Annual cost savings of 37%
  • The solution consolidated call detail records in three different formats into a uniform structure
  • Process automation replaces cumbersome manual evaluation and eliminates human errors
  • Call audits reduce misuse of company phone policy
  • Transparency helped the company determine the most cost-efficient provider for optimized phone rates