Case Study Data Warehouse & Reporting

Data Warehouse and reporting system support marketing initiatives

To make more informed marketing decisions regarding their subscriber base, a major international satellite TV service provider needed to consolidate their data and implement a data warehouse. The complete CloverETL solution covered a full workflow of ETL, a data warehouse, and a reporting system, allowing employees to effortlessly access detailed business information.

A major international satellite TV service provider came to CloverETL to solve a growing pain. Both the number of subscribers and choices of consumer packages were increasing, which made obtaining detailed marketing reports difficult. Manually created static reports weren’t reliable enough to base major marketing decision on, resulting in reduced operational activity. The need for stronger marketing insights called for a new business intelligence platform where detailed analysis could be distributed automatically to the employees through various channels. 

With this solution, our client can now undertake a more proactive approach to marketing by exploring in detail the impact of new initiatives, product packages, and subscription plans.

  • We developed a full workflow of ETL, data warehouse, and reporting systems to consolidate data
  • The new business intelligence platform provides detailed analysis that is distributed to employees automatically
  • Easy access to aggregate business data speeds up decision-making process
  • Deeper insights enable more informed marketing decisions