Case Study Data migration framework

Effectively Migrating Legacy Data Into Workday

Introducing a data ingestion and validation framework based on CloverETL has radically changed how quickly consultants from a Workday Implementation Partner can move past the migration stage of a project, ultimately leading to more valuable time spent properly implementing Workday.

For consultants from a leading Workday Implementation Partner, migrating data from legacy systems to Workday was a difficult, albeit necessary process that took time away from their core focus—implementing Workday for their clients. One of their biggest challenges in managing these Workday migrations was errors and inconsistencies in the legacy data. Therefore, incorporating validation capabilities into the solution was essential.

  • We built a framework for data validation and ingestion into Workday that can automatically adapt to new data
  • The client can perform rapid, automated data migrations and completely change the dialogue with their customers
  • Solution allows for quick iterations on data changes and issues
  • Built-in data quality checks quickly identify and report data issues
  • Managing new or existing data sources requires relatively simple configuration changes